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"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it. � Margaret Fuller"

'A Good Governance Initiative' in India.

We tell you what the law tells you to do and we teach you ‘how to do’. We perfectly understand the nuances of Executive functioning as Administrators / Law Enforcement Officials / Facilitators. Peace and Prosperity only through Justice - Enforce Law Lawfully.

We assist executives to enforce law lawfully. We help citizens to stand in support of law enforcement, law making and in dispensing justice. On request we would counsel those who encounter hurdles in performing official duties lawfully.

Please send your considered views, criticisms or suggestions to rightinformer@gmail.com.

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Customs Consultant - Topicwise Practical Guidance to officials in import & Export Clearance

Definitions in Customs Act, 1962


We live in an era of information explosion on account of the great strides in Information Technology.  The software system cannot process accurately vague or indefinite expressions.  The definitions in Customs Act, 1962 needs to be rewritten to be compatible to the Information Technology requirements.  
Customs Act, 1962 needs to be applicable to the importer or exporter who is outside India
A Treatise on Customs Law, Procedures and (Perverted) Practice


Section 1(2): S.1(2) of the Customs Act, 1962 reads “ … it applies also to any offence or contravention thereunder committed outside India by any person.”  But, it would be appropriate to make the Customs Act, 1962 applicable to all the importers or exporters who is outside India also for acquiring possession of or is in any way concerned in carrying, removing, depositing, harbouring, keeping, selling or purchasing, or in any other manner dealing with any goods imported into India or exported from India. 



After the ‘liberalisation and globalisation’, now there is a loud rhetoric of ‘ease of doing business’ and facilitation.  But the bare fact is fraudsters alone reap a windfall easily escaping taking advantage of the flaw in law.   The strides in the Information Technology necessitates rewriting of the old laws.  A few such flaws are pointed out for redrafting.

A Treatise on Customs Law, Procedures and (Perverted) PracticeFriends I have started to write ‘A Treatise on Customs Law, Procedures and (Perverted) Practice’ ‘Impact of unbridled Facilitation in the era of Globalisation and Liberalisation’.  This treatise is a solemn effort to expose and end all perverted practices for the proliferation of fair trade.
possible terror attack on the western coast.
"Have received intelligence input from District Coast Guard that anti-national elements have boarded an apprehended Indian fishing boat in Karachi and (are) likely to land on Indian coast and attack vital installations,"
India among the "worst offenders" in terms of graft and press freedom
"Philippines, India and the Maldives are among the worst regional offenders in this respect. These countries score high for corruption and have fewer press freedoms and higher numbers of journalist deaths," it added. ... Further analysis of the results indicates that countries with the least protection for press and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) also tend to have the worst rates of corruption
Perceived Corruption_India at 40 out of top 100
Sankaran Krishnan
Feb 23, 2018 at 7:45 am
If the media highlighted the points earned during the corrupt UPA regime it is easier to compare with that of the present NDA regime and also one can know whether India is improved fro the rankings or not because now there is no high level corruption as was under UPA whereas the corruption is among the Bureaucrats and Govt. Agencies across various Departments and to erase it is though very difficult, at lest the Govt. can try to curtail and bring down corruption level if Investigating Agencies and its staffs are empowered to act without any bias and of course if the employees and Officials are honest and sincere and never indulge in collective loots !!!  http://indianexpress.com/article/india/perceived-corruption-list-ranks-india-81st-among-180-5074770/

Feb 23, 2018 at 7:53 am
It is perceived corruption, and it has largely remained unchanged. high level corruption is a small part of perceived corruption. unless police is made accountable and corruption free, this will not change.
‘நீதிபதிகள் பாரபட்சமின்றி, விதிப்படி கடமையைச் செய்ய வேண்டும்; அப்பொழுதுத
‘நீதிபதிகள் பாரபட்சமின்றி, விதிப்படி கடமையைச் செய்ய வேண்டும்; அப்பொழுதுதான் மக்களின் நம்பிக்கையைப் பெறுவார்கள்' என்ற அர்த்த சாஸ்திர வரிகளை மைக்கேல் டி குன்ஹா நன்றாக அறிந்து வைத்திருக்கிறார் போலும்.                           உண்மையும், நீதியும், நேர்மையும் என்றும் காலத்தால் அழிவதில்லை என்பதற்கு இந்த தீர்ப்பும் நல்ல எடுத்துக்காட்டு
Vision to battle the “vice of insatiable avarice.”

The courts should ensure that the corrupt do not hide behind evidential inadequacies, processual infirmities and interpretational subtleties, all artfully advanced in their defence.

Corruption cases should be conscientiously dealt by courts with a sense of moral maturity and singular sensitivity to uphold the law, otherwise, Justice Roy warned, the coveted cause of justice would end up in crutches.

direct freight train service from China to the United Kingdom

The first direct freight train service from China to the United Kingdom arrives at a rail freight terminal in Barking, east London, Wednesday Jan. 18, 2017. Some 34 containers packed with mainly clothes and other high street goods completed the 7,456-mile (11,999km) journey in 18 days. (Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP)

it is the duty of the investigating agency to find out how this much of huge quantity of currency reached the hands of the accused
While referring to the other seizures from the accused from different places, the judge said, "It is the duty of the investigating agency to find out who are all the officers involved in the conversion and to bring them before the court."

The judge granted CBI their custody till 5.30 pm on January 6.
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