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Why We Serve
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"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it. � Margaret Fuller"

'A Good Governance Initiative' in India.

We tell you what the law tells you to do and we teach you ‘how to do’. We perfectly understand the nuances of Executive functioning as Administrators / Law Enforcement Officials / Facilitators. Peace and Prosperity only through Justice - Enforce Law Lawfully.

We assist executives to enforce law lawfully. We help citizens to stand in support of law enforcement, law making and in dispensing justice. On request we would counsel those who encounter hurdles in performing official duties lawfully.

Please send your considered views, criticisms or suggestions to rightinformer@gmail.com.

Please visit:
'Work with Wisdom' Practical Work Guide to Officials.

Customs Consultant - Topicwise Practical Guidance to officials in import & Export Clearance

Why & How We Serve

The earnings of the godly enhance their lives, but evil people squander their money on sin. Proverbs 10:16[NLT]

Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court, for the LORD will take up their case and will plunder those who plunder them. Proverbs 22:22&23 [NIV]

Our Vision:

We believe that a dignified and meaningful life could be assured to everyone if genuine business activities are protected from illegitimate competition.

We are inspired by the fact that with the active involvement of people and through well defined functions and systems, updated and uniformly implemented, many nations could ensure justice, peace and prosperity.

Our Mission:

We pioneer this unique movement to reform the system and to empower a fair number of citizens to stand in support of law making, law enforcement and dispensation of justice.

Our clarion call:

Law Enforcement Officers please enforce law lawfully and Citizens please follow law faithfully.

We insist on:

System-driven efficient governance

No selective enforcement of law in force

A law in force cannot be left unenforced by the LEO for any reason

Failure to enforce a law which is in force would amount to dereliction of duty by the officials entrusted with the task.

In the democracy, legislature, executive and judiciary need to function strictly within their own boundaries.

All obsolete laws and procedures are to be scrapped and archived.

Archaic legislations are to be overhauled and amended.

Outdated procedures and instructions are to be reviewed frequently and weeded out.

We desist from:

blame game to get name or fame

witch-hunting or character assassination

We persist in the belief that honesty is the best policy.

We advocate living within lawful means and encourage modest life style shunning extravagance and vainglory.

The Pope on hope:

At a time of world food shortage, of financial turmoil, of old and new forms of poverty, of disturbing climate change, of violence and deprivation which force many to leave their homelands in search of a less precarious form of existence, of the ever present threat of terrorism, of growing fears over the future, it is urgent to rediscover grounds for hope.

Prayer of a believer:

Father, I have knowledge, so I pray you will show me now how to use it wisely and find a way somehow to make the world I live in a little better place.

Since democracy is governance through law,

1. we assist the officials to administer/enforce law lawfully and

2. help the citizens to follow law faithfully and also to stand in support of law enforcement.

Disclaimer: While due care has been taken in reviewing and publishing the contents, the contributors or the publishers are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused to any one due to any interpretation, error, omission or commission. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Chennai Courts only.