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Central Excise

Central Excise - Technical Matters:
Our reference No.080501 Dated: 29.01.2008
Grievance in brief
CT 1 Certificate - Directions to sign empty form by Superintendent:
Please find hereunder snapshots of Form CT 1.
2. Para (2) of the Certificate reads as follows:-
(2) The above-said exporter/manufacturer-exporter is permitted to obtain excisable goods for export under rule 19 of the Central Excise (No.2) Rules, 2001 as per details specified overleaf. (Emphasis supplied)
3. In fact the details of the excisable goods are not specified overleaf when the Superintendent of Central Excise signs the Certificate and hands them over to the exporters. This means that the Superintendent of Central Excise who is a Gazetted officer signs a Certificate not conveying the factual position.
4. It may please be looked at the above background and action as deemed fit may please be initiated to word the sentence to convey that the details would be specified overleaf at a later date by the exporter. We shall be much obliged to receive a line of response on the action taken from your good offices please.
Enclosures: Form CT 1 (2 pages) http://www.cbec.gov.in/excise/cx-forms/CT-1-EOU.pdf

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