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"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it. � Margaret Fuller"

'A Good Governance Initiative' in India.

We tell you what the law tells you to do and we teach you ‘how to do’. We perfectly understand the nuances of Executive functioning as Administrators / Law Enforcement Officials / Facilitators. Peace and Prosperity only through Justice - Enforce Law Lawfully.

We assist executives to enforce law lawfully. We help citizens to stand in support of law enforcement, law making and in dispensing justice. On request we would counsel those who encounter hurdles in performing official duties lawfully.

Please send your considered views, criticisms or suggestions to rightinformer@gmail.com.

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'Work with Wisdom' Practical Work Guide to Officials.

Customs Consultant - Topicwise Practical Guidance to officials in import & Export Clearance

Supervisory Officer
It is only to the individual that a soul is given.
And the high destiny of the individual is to serve rather than to rule.
-- Albert Einstein

How to be an efficient supervisory officer?
Rule of law: When we embraced democracy, there was a drastic shift in the role of persons who were placed in various positions of governancenot to rule but to serve people with the rule of law. The Constitution has provided by statute two things: the authority and the manner in which the power should be exercised. 'Proper officer' and 'prescribed procedure' are key words to governance.

Please keep within reach at least one set of updated copy of all manuals, laws, circulars etc. relevant to your work. If not, at the least make sure that they are available in the office library.

Make known to all who work for you, the jurisdiction and work allotted to you by designation or by name as per the statute or order.

Please keep the copy of order posting the persons under your direct charge and distribute all your work [except which cannot be delegated] among them in writing. Let minutes of meetings be invariably made in respect of all formal or informal meetings/discussions with your subordinates. Minutes to be placed in relevant file wherein action on the basis of conclusions arrived at as a result of such meeting or discussion are taken.

Please subject yourselves to all the regulations you make/implement with regard to entry, attendance, internal movement of files, use of office infrastructure etc. Please do all that are needed for improving performance of subordinates as occasion warrants without waiting to write in the annual performance appraisal.

If between the two options if you have to pick up one, it is incumbent upon you to record reasons and apply your mind as to exclusion of other option.

Never decline to receive any representation or communication addressed to you/handed over in person even though the matter does not fall within your purview. You may either get it transmitted to the concerned authority or after assigning the inward correspondence serial number, the original may be returned to the sender as N.Dis. mentioning the reasons therefor.

Shouting at subordinates scares them causing deep scars of burn which according to Thiruvalluvar seldom disappear. Moreover it is akin to using violence and mental torture which may yield temporary results; but in the long run would cause manifold negative impact. Psychologically it is the one who is weak and feeble shouts and not the strong willed. There are better ways and means to get the work done in an affirmative atmosphere.

One such way is to be prompt in attending to the grievance. It is not out of gratis the subordinates are given their due in time; rather it is also an equally important part of duty. If you spare 10% of your time everyday to redress any legitimate grievance and give in time their dues or promotions, you will have a reciprocation from almost all the persons working for you.

Be extra lenient in imposing any penalty as against handing out the deserving harsher punishmentsthe least punishment available would do the magic of transformation of heart at least in many persons. In fact deterrents did not work well even during earliest recorded history.

It may be true that familiarity breeds contempt but popularity of being a gentle and upright officer wrought great respect and submission than this world dreams of.

Please spend almost all your time in helping your subordinates to work for you with a humble disposition that you are simply the best among the equals in government service.

Try your best to be a role model even in matters of minor importance - punctuality, austerity in using office space, infrastructure etc.

Disclaimer: While due care has been taken in reviewing and publishing the contents, the contributors or the publishers are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused to any one due to any interpretation, error, omission or commission. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Chennai Courts only.